It’s National Science Week!

Let me begin by saying that I think that for small people, every week is science week. Dumping water out of the bath on to the floor for the thousandth time to check that water still goes down. Throwing all their rice from their dinner in the air to see what happens.

Discussing why does the moon sometimes look like a circle and sometimes like a half circle? Patiently waiting for a strawberry in the garden to turn ripe. Besides all that though, this week in National Science Week in Australia, so we’re trying to  be even more science-y than normal.

This week we are planning to see how celery can be dyed by putting it in coloured water, inspired by some rainbow roses from the markets.

Another activity which was surprisingly popular recently was “what will a magnet stick to?” and talking about metals. There was also a bag of ice cubes that we took into daycare and the kids reportedly watched melt for the afternoon, passing around the gradually melting bag of water and talking about how what temperature it felt.

The CSIRO website has science activities to try out, mostly suited towards older kids although we have tried out their cornflour slime which fascinated the adults in this household and got a “that’s not REAL slime” from the child.

There’s some more toddler ideas over here at Happy Hooligans which I think we will try out soon. I did try the baking soda and vinegar volcano a while ago, and will repeat that again soon because it was pretty fun, although our main learning from that was that vinegar and baking soda combined will kill the grass.

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Reading the manual

I was raised in a household that didn’t read manuals or instructions. You figured stuff out by having intuitive engineering capabilities, pushing a lot of buttons, with screw drivers, by asking everyone else in the family for help, or if you ready to admit failure and that you couldn’t problem solve, then read the instructions. That’s the long way around of saying that I’ve never read the manual for my sewing machine.

Today it jammed up, and I thought I’d worked out the problem (turns out, I had) but I also googled my specific model to see if anyone else had the same problem and I found the manual online. I’ve been reading it and found out all kinds of interesting stuff, like what the little button on the back that I had no idea about was and that I had the needle tension and something else confused.

I might have to start reading manuals. Are you from a manual reading household?

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Bedtime to the tune of American Pie

When I have to do bedtime (my husband usually does it), I sometimes write poetry or haiku in my mind to stop noticing how much time I’ve been trapped in a dark room waiting for someone who hates sleep to fall asleep.

Tonight’s effort is set to the tune of American Pie. There are too many syllables in some lines.

A long long time ago
I can still remember when
How I used to get a lot of sleep

And I knew that if I had my chance
I would go to bed right now
And maybe I’d be rested for a while

But the children will not go to sleep
Even when I say enough now, not a peep
They squirm and want more books
In the dark they can’t see the looks

I can’t remember what we said
Two weeks ago while in the car
But now the child won’t go to bed
Because of what he says I said

And we were singing hands in the air,
rockabye your bear, bear is now asleep,
do the propeller around and around

And the old ladies at the shop say
These are the best days of your life
These are the best days of your life

And then they were finally asleep so I was free. I might have kept going except I found out that the song is eight minutes long and I was only one minute in, and that would be too long out of my post-bedtime freedom.

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Behind the scenes

I’ve been making changes here – switching  some things around, changing others. If you read through an RSS reader, nothing will be different. I’ve decided to get back into the website updating swing of things, and learn how to properly blog in this age of social media, and not be blogging like it’s 1999 (a fitting reference since that’s probably when I first started). So fingers crossed, there’s going to be lots of more updates to come soon.

This weekend we’ve been to a park, and I’m washing fabric, hopefully to get some sewing done soon. I’ve had lots of ideas for a present for a friend’s first baby who is arriving soon, but now I have to make up my mind, decide and make something. I have gorgeous fabric waiting that I am confident will fit with the theme that my friend and her husband have picked out for their little one’s room. I’ll post a photo once I’ve given it to them and it’s no longer a surprise!

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Catching up

The last six months have been a bit busy around here, without much actual gardening happening. At the moment I am on uni study week (part of the busy – I started studying again), and impatiently checking my garden to see if any of the seeds we have planted recently have sprouted.

I’m not having much luck with the seed growing lately, and I’m not sure why. Too much water, too little water, or maybe roots growing into the garden from nearby trees. We’re growing strawberries, passionfruit and herbs well, just waiting on peas, beans, snow peas, pak choy and carrots to sprout if they will. I think the pay choy will do okay, not sure on the others – between birds lurking to eat seeds, wind blowing mulch over tiny plants and torrential rains, there’s not much happening there.

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What I actually did for the advent calendar

I ended up buying a wooden kit advent calendar, and decorated it with my little assistant. He was very patient during the process although he did wander off before we were done.

There are little drawers to fill things with. The bigger ones are big enough for a small car, but the highlight for him has been him daily vitamin. Apparently it is far more exciting when out of a tiny box. I also picked an activity for us to do each day and that has worked really well to keep me on track for getting ready for Christmas.

Today was wrapping presents. A few days ago was making cards. Other activities were to decorate the Christmas tree, buy a special new decoration, and watch a Christmas movie (he asked to watch Paw Patrol instead). I’d forgotten about some of the activities so it’s been a surprise for me as well. I’m really glad that I went to the effort of doing it this year.

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Advent calendars

Browsing back tonight to find a book review that I wrote (Last Child in the Woods) I also stumbled upon another post that was good timing for this part of the year – Cute ideas for Advent calendars.

I wrote this two years ago, looking forward to a time when my little person would be able to look ahead and anticipate things and we could go on adventures together. Time to look at the links and plan what I’m going to do for an advent calendar this year!

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