Gluten-free and dairy-free baking

I’ve been experimenting with gluten-free baking lately, in addition to my usual dairy-free. I’ve found two recipes that work really well (and a few sad ones, like ANZAC biscuits that just don’t work).

There’s this Dairy free chocolate chip cookies recipe which continues to be a wondrous recipe that can take all the substitutions that I throw at it, except I reduced the oil to around 100g as they were slightly too oily when using the gluten-free flour (I am just using gluten-free flour from Aldi, nothing fancy).

A new one to me is the Smitten Kitchen Best Cocoa Brownies which were a recommendation on a forum that I read. I haven’t tried them with normal flour so maybe they are even more amazing without the substitution. I use Nuttelex instead of butter, and the Aldi gluten-free plain flour. They come out really well, and have the advantage for me of using ingredients that I usually have on hand, so I can whip them up whenever I have the desire to and a spare half hour.

Skinnymixers Banana Walnut and Date Loaf is a recipe that I don’t have to do any substitutions in, and it is delicious. If you don’t have a Thermomix or similar machine, you could make this with a food processor, blender, or buy almond meal and do a lot of chopping.

I’ve tried a few mug cakes, but they don’t really work as well with the gluten-free flour. They’re fine, they always contain enough sugar that there’s got to be some good flavour in there, but they’re not great and I’ve found myself not making them and eating a banana instead.

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