Bigriggen school holiday camping


Our latest camping adventure was to Bigriggen out near Rathdowney. It was fairly near to Flanagan’s Reserve where we’ve stayed before.

It started out looking like it might be a disaster weekend as we managed to leave our awning (annexe roof) at home,  and also the kitchen essentials box, which meant that we arrived without tea, coffee, salt, sugar, and all those other little things that we normally need. Luckily we were camping with friends so I didn’t have to go without a cup of tea. And leaving the awning at home meant for a quicker set-up!

Bigriggen has flushing toilets, and hot showers that are $1 for five minutes. There’s a bike track for kids, a creek, and campfires are allowed. I’m not sure where it falls in the ranking of the camp sites that we have been too – there was lots of space, and grass, and the showers were great. We had a powered campsite because our friends had booked one, and we weren’t sure of the set up and if we’d find an unpowered site close to them. If you had an unpowered site, you could spread out a bit more. Although it was school holidays while we were there, it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be.


We managed to see lots of wildlife (and also chickens). There were a few varieties of birds around, and some wallabies that came through the campsite and hung around our camper for an hour. I also saw the wallabies later that night when I was walking back from the toilets. The moon was so bright that I decided to walk without a torch switched on and I nearly bumped into a wallaby. I also saw something on that walk that looked like a possum, but it moved too quickly for me to see.

One night just after dusk I heard something moving in the bushes next to the camper. I shone the torch, thinking it would be a chicken, but it turned out to be something brown and fluffy, and after googling, I think it was a bandicoot.

We also did a few rock drops while we were there. There were lots of interesting logs from old gum trees marking boundaries around the park, and the kids found these fun to climb and walk along, and they made for good rock hiding spots.

We are getting better at the camping set-up and pack-down! It went quite smoothly this time, and felt like we had it under control. Forgetting the awning made it go quicker too! Now we just need to decide where our next camping adventure will be.

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