Bestbrook Mountain Resort

For the EKKA long week (Brisbane Show Day, moved to a Friday since the show was cancelled because of COVID) we went camping at Bestbrook Farmstay. Have you seen the Bluey episode Camping? This was like that. People camping on both sides of a creek, children playing and making friends, lots of places to set …

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Granite mountain with trees at the top

Foxbar Falls again

We kept saying that as soon as restrictions were lifted and we were able to go camping again, we were doing it, that very first weekend. We were going back to Foxbar Falls which is where we were the weekend that toilet paper started selling out at shops and it felt like life was never …

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Bigriggen school holiday camping

Our latest camping adventure was to Bigriggen out near Rathdowney. It was fairly near to Flanagan's Reserve where we've stayed before. It started out looking like it might be a disaster weekend as we managed to leave our awning (annexe roof) at home,  and also the kitchen essentials box, which meant that we arrived without tea, coffee, salt, sugar, and all those other little things that we normally need.