Bestbrook Mountain Resort

Shallow creek with tree

For the EKKA long week (Brisbane Show Day, moved to a Friday since the show was cancelled because of COVID) we went camping at Bestbrook Farmstay.

Have you seen the Bluey episode Camping? This was like that. People camping on both sides of a creek, children playing and making friends, lots of places to set up camp and lots of trees.

There are some things that are both downsides and upsides depending on how you look at them – the horses and cows wander freely at night through the camping areas which can mean some cute animal encounters but also means a lot of cow and horse poo around.

We were able to do some of the activities on offer still, including animal feeding, milking cows, a horse ride, and collecting eggs.

It rained heavily our first night there which meant the creek was flowing heavier on the second day. It also meant lots of mud! We were camped a fair distance from toilets (toilets on the map on the website were no longer there when we got there) which meant a long walk to go to the toilet, but also meant that we were in a quieter section. I was admiring one group of camper’s perfectly level spot right near the toilets and showers, but when we woke up the second morning after the rain, they were in what could be described as a small lake, so I stopped feeling jealous of their spot after that.

It was a bit more expensive than other camping that we’ve done (the pricing was very similar to Sandstone Point Big 4), but there’s structured activities to go along with that. We had fun and it was a nice way to spend the EKKA weekend – we might not have been able to go to the show but we still got the taking the city kids out into the country experience!

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