Fraser Island: Lake Boomajin

We arrived on the island around 11am, and since we had a few hours to fill in before we could arrive at our accommodation, we decided to do an inland track from Dilli Village, through the southern lakes, then out to Eurong where we were staying.

Our first stop was Lake Boomajin, the largest perched lake in the world, and with tee tree stained water. The colour of the water kind of reminded me of red jelly.


Our plan for this was to take a quick look at Lake Boomajin, let the kids run around, and then move on to Lake Birrabeen which is almost as picturesque as Lake McKenzie, except to me the water looks like it has more of a green tinge than blue. It was slightly windy at the lake and really, wouldn’t you rather be swimming in clear water than slightly jelly looking water?

We had lunch in the fenced in camping area, and then went down to the lake. There was only one other group of people there when we got there and they were down the other end of the lake (that’s them off in the distance there).


All the children immediately ran fully clothed into the water and splashed about having an amazing time. Our theme for this trip was “if the kids are happy, leave them be” so we decided to go with that. We stayed there so long that we ended up skipping Lake Birrabeen (we’d seen it before, our friends that came with us hadn’t so we wanted to show them). The water of Lake Boomajin is very soft to touch and feels amazing on your skin.


It was a peaceful drive through the forests back to Eurong (there were a few bumpy points though). It probably would have been just as quick to drive back to Dilli Village, then up the beach, but we decided to do the loop through to see something different.

Lake Boomajin was more fun than I thought it would be (last time we were there it was raining and cold, so I didn’t have good memories of it) and it would be a great place to camp if you go tent camping. You can park right next to the campsite, but it is fenced off, so there’s no trailer camping at this location.

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