Fraser Island: Kinnar Sandblow

We decided to start out our first full day on K’Gari (Fraser Island) with a visit to Rainbow Gorge and the Kirrar Sandblow.

The gorge wasn’t very rainbowy – Red Canyon or The Pinnacles would be a much better choice if you’re after seeing coloured sand – but the sandblow itself was magnificent. I’m so glad we decided to do this first in the day because it would be scorching hot in the middle of the day.

The walk in was sheltered until we got to the sandblow. We saw a tiny crab, and a goanna. The crab was very exciting for the kids and made the walk about five minutes longer as they searched for more crabs.


I wasn’t sure at first if I’d make the climb up to the top of the sand blow, only to have to come back down again, but in the end I decided to climb up, and it was worth it.

IMG_4462There was a view to the water, and I really wish that we’d remembered the drone for this part of the trip. The sand was starting to get hot even though it was early morning, but the layer just beneath the surface was still cool. We had a lot of fun and tired the kids out too!

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