Fraser Island: Lake Garawongera

On our trip this time our goal was to go somewhere that we hadn't been to before. We had a look at a map and decided on Lake Garawongera. We did this visit after visiting the Kirrar Sandblow, and also stopped at Happy Valley to get an ice block from the shop there. The Happy …

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Fraser Island: Lake Boomajin

We arrived on the island around 11am, and since we had a few hours to fill in before we could arrive at our accommodation, we decided to do an inland track from Dilli Village, through the southern lakes, then out to Eurong where we were staying. Our first stop was Lake Boomajin, the largest perched …

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Some water and rocks to throw in

Recently we got a book out from the library called "Perfect" by Danny Parker. It's all about the simple things that make up a perfect day. The one that I liked was "some shoes and some places to walk to".  We've been trying to evaluate recently what makes a good place for us to get away to - after every camping trip we ask what made this a good trip? What would have made it better?