How to possum proof a garden

We have had trouble the last few years with the local possums eating the veggies that we planted. And before this it was a bush turkey scratching everything up so he could build his lady love one fine nest. The bush turkey has finally gotten the hint that he is not welcome and moved on. …

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Grow, little plants, grow!

We finally have some little plants growing in the garden, tucked into the soil. It actually rained this week and that seemed like a good time to plant out seedlings that I was given. At the same time, some seeds we planted weeks ago (to keep a little toddler busy one afternoon) decided to sprout …

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Tropic tomatoes

I remembered to take a photo of the inside of Tropic tomato, one of my last ones left. It shows why I like these tomatoes so much. The insides are firm without too many seeds and squish. I have more Tropics growing in the garden at the moment, and I hope they grow well.