Grow, little plants, grow!

We finally have some little plants growing in the garden, tucked into the soil. It actually rained this week and that seemed like a good time to plant out seedlings that I was given. At the same time, some seeds we planted weeks ago (to keep a little toddler busy one afternoon) decided to sprout – they were all so old, that I am surprised that any of them germinated and I’ve forgotten what we planted there, so it’s a bit of a lucky dip. 

We planted out tomatoes, marigolds, zinnias, nasturtiums (this is a new flower to me), carrots, broccoli (this name is apparently very fun to say as it was repeated over and over), and basil. Oh and lettuce. But the lettuce was accidently stepped on by little feet, so I’m not really sure how it is going now. 

Now we water, fertilise with worm juice, and wait. Especially to see what those mystery plants are. There’s either a lot of basil (yay!) or a lot of pak choy. 

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