Garden slacker update

My garden inspiration has been a bit lacking over the last few months (I have excuses – morning sickness, fatigue, a toddler helper), so the garden beds are looking a bit sad. They are finally cleared of living weeds, although I still have to pull out the dead ones and get some fresh mulch.

Tim came home from a fishing trip a few years ago and told me where was a surprise for me in the boat. I don’t eat seafood, so I was wondering what it could be, and just about squealed in excitement when I saw the boat was filled with sugar cane mulch. They’d stopped at a sugar cane farm when he spied signs for cheap mulch and filled up the boat. This has left me reluctant to pay Bunnings prices for mulch, although there’s no fishing trips on the schedule any time soon and I don’t think much mulch would fit in the boot of my Corolla.

There is one garden (out of four) with some things growing in it – a tomato plant that sprung up in a corner of the yard and was moved (I am guessing the toddler helped dropped a ripe tomato in that spot last year), our old faithful Rosemary bush, and as always, pak choy.

I am making plans to start the gardening up again, but slowly – one bed is worn out and needs something added to it, so I need to work out what. I want to grow carrots again, glorious colours of carrots, and lettuce. I am deciding whether or not to do tomatoes.

I also have plans for putting strawberries into a pot that I already have and putting that on the veranda of the new cubby house – what better way to celebrate the arrival of his very own house than with a pot of his very own strawberries?

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