Taking Stock July

This list comes via Pip at Meet Me at Mike’s.

Making : a granny square blanket.
Cooking : chicken kiev – needs improvement.
Drinking : water. Lots and lots of water.
Reading: Seraphina by Rachael Hartman – I’ve only just started, but so far I’m enjoying it. Wanting: a holiday somewhere warm.
Looking: gigantic.
Playing: The Simpsons: Tapped Out.
Deciding: if I need dessert.
Wishing: that I’d remembered to buy chocolate at the shops yesterday.
Enjoying: the quiet time after the little one is in bed.
Waiting: for Thursday, when we have another scan for bubba two.
Liking: warm patches on sunlight on cold winter mornings.
Wondering: what results the scan will tell us.
Loving: cuddles with my first baby.
Pondering: how to keep motivated with writing.
Considering: chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
Watching: Old School on the ABC.
Hoping: that bubba two is doing okay.
Marvelling: at how well my just turned two year old is talking.
Needing: chocolate.
Smelling: garlicky dinner smell.
Wearing: a fuzzy dressing gown.
Following: Facebook updates.
Noticing: all my forehead wrinkles.
Knowing: that there’s a long way to go.
Thinking: about going to bed early.
Feeling: tired.
Admiring: super motivated people.
Sorting: baby toys from bigger boy toys.
Buying: maternity clothes.
Getting: clothes in larger sizes.
Bookmarking: vegetable seeds and plants that I want to buy.
Disliking: the amount of sleep I need at the moment.
Opening: birthday presents for the boy.
Giggling: at the things my little one says.
Feeling: warm.
Snacking: on everything.
Coveting: long sunshiney warm holidays.
Wishing: that bub is okay.
Helping: the cats to escape the toddler terror.
Hearing: snoring kitties.

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