A strawberry cake

Strawberries are in season and cheap at the moment, so when a friend posted a link to a recipe by Kate from Foxs Lane, I decided I that I should make a cake but use strawberries instead.

This morning we needed a distraction so our eager helper would leave his dad alone for half an hour, so I told him we were going to bake a cake. “Yes please!” he said, “Yummy cake!”, rubbing his tummy for emphasis.

We whipped it up together in no time, even with his expert assistance. A layer of batter, a scattering of strawberries, and another layer of batter. I was using quite a small tin, so I put it in for 45 minutes, and ended up pulling it out at 40 minutes when the smell was wafting through the house and the little helper was begging to look at his yummy cake.

I pulled it out of the oven and he was very pleased – “I get a knife!”

Now this little person doesn’t actually like cake – but he never remembers that. So one bite in, he spat it out and requested a mandarin instead. But us adults enjoyed it. Very yummy cake strawberry cake indeed.

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