Fruit salad plant

Although I am not gardening much at the moment, we are still harvesting some things to eat.
Monstera Deliciosa fruit

Last week I picked rosemary to use in a mushroom risotto, and Tim picked three fruits off our Monstera Deliciosa plant.

I think we have three of the Monsteras in our garden, all were here when we moved in. The fruit takes a long time to go and goes ripe very quickly, so it needs checking on every week or so.

This blog, The Food Blog, explains the taste and risk of eating the fruit, although when it is ripe and ready to eat, it should be fine. I don’t like to eat it although I have tried it.

Tim leaves the fruit inside once it has begun to ripen and eats the ripe parts every day. The scales of the fruit lift up to reveal the ripe parts underneath. So one fruit can take a week to eat, waiting for each part to ripen. It makes the whole house smell like the fruit, the strange pineapple-banana type smell. 

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