The reason behind the re-do

The reason behind the re-do

I had a blog for 10 years, and then I had a baby and couldn’t decide what to write. How much of his story do I tell? Can I write about me but separate it from him?

So, back to garden blogging I go. Not too much baby, not too much me, but a bit about our garden and our lives.

The backyard is taking shape now, not just as the place we grow vegetables, but for the first time I’m looking at I previously saw as wasted space differently – that isn’t a spot with a lack of vegetables, it’s a future cubby house spot, and a stretch of grass that’s the perfect size to kick a ball back and forth.

I’ve been thinking a bit about self sufficiently lately and it’s not something that we can achieve on our house block size and still keep that space free. And that’s okay – we all have different aims, and ours involves cubby house space alongside the vegetables.

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