Dog and Bird Water the Garden

This is another book post, although for the littler set than the last one. Dog and Bird Water the Garden is another library read that I picked one while I was doing one of my child accompanied library trips, which means that I whizz past the shelves at the speed of a fast toddler, grabbing any board books along the way that look interesting.

Dog and Bird is one of my better random picks. It’s a very simple book, that Felix likes to read over and over. He made the connection between the watering that I do outside and the words in the book quite quickly, and picked up the book to read after using the watering can one day. He liked it so much that we found a child sized watering can for him to do his own watering like Dog and Bird (although he only waters himself so far).

I also find it very funny that although Felix spends most of his time sneakily picking green tomatoes, when the book asks, “Are the tomatoes ready to pick yet?”, he will say, “Noooo.” Which makes me think that perhaps he does know that our garden tomatoes are not ready to pick yet, but they’re too irresistible to leave on the bush.

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