Friends, babies, cake

Today we had a lovely day – my friend’s son was was baptised in a solid old brick church with stained glass windows, and then we celebrated after with a BBQ in a park by the Brisbane River. We chatted, the children played together, and there was cake.

Tim and I were asked to be his Godparents, which is an amazing thing to be asked to do. Little Calan is a smiley little happy baby, who loves water and held his head high and smiled all the way through his baptismal service. Tim (who had the responsibility of pouring the water into the baptismal font) said the water was warm, so we think Calan thought he was getting an extra bath.

I had the job of lighting the candle, and made sure it was well alight before I took it back down to where we were standing… where it promptly blew out. Whoops. So back to the main candle I went, hoping that wasn’t a sign of anything to come. Second time around it stayed lit, for quite a long time.

We visited Julie and Steve a month ago (we were visiting them when Felix was ill) and met Calan then, so we were already friends. Calan thinks that I’m hilarious.

Felix and Calan seem to get along as well as two babies can, although Felix is very concerned about the amount of time Calan spends sleeping. He checks on him often, and will often fetch adults to check as well.

An impending storm made the weather cool down, which we were thankful for, but also made everyone pack up and leave as it got closer. A storm would have made it a perfect day, but the rain just missed us. I can hear thunder still now, so we may still get some rain.

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