Sewing and inspiration

Circus elephants – I ordered this print intending to make pants but the elephants were bigger than I thought they’d be.

I finally finished off one of those unfinished projects that I had sitting around – a skirt that I’d finished off except for the last one final step of adding a button hole. I can’t remember how many years it’s been waiting for me to learn how to use the automatic button hole maker on my machine, so it’s quite a few. I finally tackled the buttonholes while making a pram liner, so it was only a few minutes to get the skirt completely finished. Now I have something else to add to my summer wardrobe – once I find a top to wear with it!

I also fixed up (I hope) the pram liner that I made for Little F’s pram (the photo of it is pre-fixing up). It kept slipping down, so I stitched some lines across and down in the hopes it will make it a bit stiffer and less likely to fall down. Next time I will use a stiff interfacing in there. I didn’t with this one because I was afraid it would make it scratchy through the fabric.

There was something quite freeing about working on a project that’s already a bit wonky and not quite perfect – zoom the stitches extra fast across the material, eye it all off because if it’s not quite centered it doesn’t really matter, experiment a bit with backstitching and whoops, nearly sewed up a buttonhole that was there on purpose. It was quite fun.

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