Blogging with Pip

I signed up for the Blog with Pip e-course when it was announced a few months ago – I’ve been reading Pip online for years, a friend in Melbourne went to Pip’s Brown Owls craft group and said that I needed to read her blog because it was right down my alley. I attended the Brisbane Brown Owls for the first year that it ran up here, and visited Pip in her shop when I went to Melbourne last (four years ago). So I knew that the course would be fun. I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d learn anything from it,  but I figured it would be worth a go.

So far what I’ve found is a lot of inspiration to get going again and make time. We have a chat session for an hour once a week, and putting aside that firm time commitment seems to have triggered something in my head about making time (see my last post).

I’ve learned a bit about design, had a lot to think about in what I want to write about, and had a great time discussing different aspects of blogging with the group. I still need to go over a few things (plus we’re only halfway through the course) but I’m very glad that I signed up.

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