Our worm farm

Mr Worm
Mr Worm

To my surprise, our worm farm is playing a big part in the garden. Little F likes to check on the worms a few times a day, and has even learnt how to say worm so he can demand more visits.

We open up the top, pull back the cover and listen to the movement of the worms inside. They wriggle away, trying to get under cover and away from the light.

I’d been draining the worm farm after each storm we’ve had and putting the liquid on the garden that has the basil and tomatoes. I found the garden a bit hard to take a photo of – green plants with a green fence background – but the photo below shows a little bit of it. The plants on the right have been watered with the worm farm liquid. The plants on the left haven’t been (although I’ve started now).

Worm power
The plants on the right have been watered with the liquid from the worm farm.

I noticed that the plants on the right were a fair bit bigger and the only difference that I can work out would be the worm farm. The plants on the left are slightly more shaded than the ones on the right, but not too much more.

I’ve switched the watering the ones on the left with the worm liquid now, so I’ll see if they start catching up. In the meantime we’ll keep putting the vegie scraps in the worm farm and checking on them three times a day.

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