Sewing and plodding along

Hello! That was an unexpected break. It turns out that babies who don’t like to sleep don’t leave a lot of mental energy for anything non-essential.

Also a bush turkey destroyed my garden. Yes! All my carefully planted seeds and nurtured plants were gone in an afternoon because a bush turkey decided that my garden beds were the perfect place to build a nest. He tried to build a nest in one and took the vegetation out of the others to build his nest up. In the end I covered up the garden bed with planks of wood and removed all the dug up plants and mulch, and raked up all the fallen leaves from the yard and got rid of everything that tempted him, and he left. Then it was summer, which is not a time to grow things here, and I’m only getting back into gardening now.

But that wasn’t the point of this post. That was sewing. I saw this post online recently – 5 minute baby and toddler leggings – and decided to give it a go today. It worked! I had to fiddle with the ankle part a bit more to cut out excess fabric from the front and back, but it looked great. Until… I decided to iron the fabric before I did the waist to make sure I got it even and perfect. It turns out that the socks were a polyester blend, not cotton like I thought. I worked that out once the iron had  melted a huge big hole in them. So then I had no leggings and a iron I needed to clean, so I took a break for lunch and to sulk.

After lunch I cleaned the iron, then made a skirt using this tutorial which worked well – I think. I’m not really sure that I like the skirt. I’ve had the material for a long time, I bought it years ago to use on a bag and had some left over, so it might just be that I’m sick of looking at it, or maybe it is the way the skirt drapes, or something. I think it might need some ribbon at the hem to jazz it up. The baby liked it though when I showed her in the mirror, kicking her feeties and laughing.

Then I tried the 5 minute leggings using the socks again, with my last pair of spare knee length socks that I no longer wear. I even managed to match up all the stripes and they look quite nice. Baby declined to try them on, so I’m not sure if they fit her yet, but they look very nice, and it turns out that when you don’t have to stop and clean your iron, they really only do take 5 minutes to make.

When I do manage to make things, people often comment on them and ask where I got them from, and then say that they wish they could sew and make things. They don’t seem to believe me when I say that they could. I make a lot of mistakes. Things take me a very long time unless it’s something that I’ve made recently. I’ve been known to sew the legs together when making pants. Or cut things out the wrong way. I was just wondering earlier if I should give up on this sewing thing, since it didn’t seem to be happening for me today. It’s hard to enjoy a hobby when you don’t seem to be any good at it. But then the leggings came together and I remembered why I enjoy it, it’s nice to create something cute and useful. And then I can say proudly, yes, I made these. Even if it did take me five goes to get it right.

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