Melbourne, April 2019 (better late than never, I guess!)

Last Easter we decided to go to Melbourne and do a trip along the Great Ocean Road. We were supposed to go with friends, but ended up doing the trip on our own. We did catch up with friends and family in Melbourne though which made the trip fun!

The typical “we’re in Melbourne!” photo

Our first stop was in Melbourne, where we stayed in an AirBNB in South Melbourne. It was right near a tram stop which made it easy getting back from the city. It was close enough to walk to, and we usually walked into the city, but sometimes little legs were too tired to walk back.

Melbourne Aquarium

We visited Melbourne Aquarium. The penguins were our favourite part, although my kiddos got a bit sad that they weren’t still in Antarctica with their friends. It was pretty cold this day, especially for us Queenslanders, so we had lunch in the city and then scrapped our plans to go to the Royal Botanic Gardens in favour of staying inside.

Lemur at Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo was another cold day, but we were in the swing of it by now. We ended up staying at the zoo for seven hours and even then our kids weren’t ready to go as they’d just discovered a playground. We all thought that the zoo was great, they had enough spots to go into to stay warm, and even me with the multiple food intolerances was able to find something delicious to eat.

These little lemurs were in an open walk through area, so you could see them up close. They were super fluffy and cute, and I also got to see meerkats, my favourites.

Besides seeing friends, Melbourne Zoo would be the highlight of the Melbourne part of our trip. The kids might want to put in the food court we went to for lunch one day as a contender too.

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