Taking stock (not making it)

Inspired by Pip at http://meetmeatmikes.com

Making : Bread dough – waiting for it to rise
Cooking : pikelets later on for afternoon tea
Drinking : Peppermint tea
Reading: Firefly fanfic (I need to get to the library this week)
Wanting: Chocolate
Looking: at a cloudy sky outside
Playing: outdoor games with Little F
Wasting: all the food Little F throws on the ground
Sewing: a skirt, a work in progress
Wishing: for nothing
Enjoying: nearly everything
Waiting: for Little F to wake up
Liking: real nutella over Aldi brand
Wondering: what seeds will grow in our garden
Loving: my little snuggly boy
Hoping: he still cuddles when he grows up
Marvelling: at online interactions
Needing: to go to the toilets (but there’s a cat on my leg)
Smelling: a clean house
Wearing: a cat on my legs (Storm really needs attention)
Following: a discussion of online community
Noticing: that my carpet needs vacuuming three hours after I just vacuumed
Knowing: that it’s not going to be clean for another week
Thinking: about what I don’t have time to do
Feeling: contented
Bookmarking: Brisbane Open House events
Opening: Facebook to check on what’s happening
Giggling: at the toddler trying to feed his toy dog a bottle
Feeling: happy

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