A simpler Christmas

We’re doing a scaled back version of Christmas this year – the little one won’t cope with our usual busy day, and with not working, I don’t have much money to buy presents. But that’s making for a much less stressful time.

I’m trying to do some hand crafted presents, and some baking over the next week, but with a toddler who refuses to nap, the sewing may not get done. Every year I think I need to be more organised with the sewing, but I forget. Someone remind me next September, okay?

2 thoughts on “A simpler Christmas

  1. I know exactly what you mean about needing to be more organised. Every year after Christmas I promise myself that “next year will be different”. I’m starting to think it might be better to lower my expectations for the whole Christmas thing. I love your idea of hand crafted presents. I very rarely receive anything hand crafted, but when I do, I treasure it. x

    1. I have some beautiful things that were made for me, receiving something that so much time has gone into is lovely. I have lowered my expectations this year and i’m excited about Christmas for the first time is many years!

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