A Cup of Tea With Me

Pip has posted a little interview for her November students (which includes me!) to do – A Cup of Tea With Me.

1. name, state and a bit about what you do on a daily basis (work/parent/art/etc!)

My name is Alissa, I live in Brisbane in Queensland. I am a toddler wrangler on a daily basis. The official terminology would be stay at home mum, but my toddler hates staying at home. So we travel out, and adventure and have lots of fun together.

2. favourite things to do

I like to stay at home. I garden and look up things on the internet and drink a lot of cups of tea.

3. favourite place to be

Fraser Island – I grew up going there almost every school holidays and I love going back. I love the colour of the sand, the smell of trees at Central Station and the smell of the wind. 

4. favourite things to eat/drink

I like to drink tea (which is very appropriate for this post) and also Fanta. My liking of citrus flavoured things developed strongly while I was pregnant and I still enjoy them. I like lots of food and it changes all the time what I am craving – dumplings, sushi, baked beans, corned beef, more dumplings. Oh and cheese. Lots of cheese. I might just really like food. 

5. favourite inspirations

When I need gardening inspiration I like to read “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver, and also “Living the Good Life” by Linda Cockburn – both women who decided to grow as much food at home as they could. It reminds that it is achieveable, but that it does also take a lot of committment and time. And then I dream about doing it myself. 

6. something i want to know more about

Building stuff and doing home improvements. There’s a few things I want to do around the house that I don’t have the skills for. My usual mode of learning to do it and see how it turns out, but these jobs are too big (or obvious!) to make mistakes like that.

7. some favourite blogs

Made by Rae – an inspirational crafty blog with nice tutorials.

Purple Pear Organics – a urban farm blog.

No Big Dill – Katy has six children and still has time to sew lovely things.

I hope that interview was interesting for you! I’m getting back into the blogging swing after the disaster that was my December (for Christmas, the toddler gave me a tummy bug and it kind of all went like that), and will have lots of interesting things to chat about soon!

7 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea With Me

  1. lilalittlewolff

    So many people were sick around Christmas, such bad timing! Lovely reading about you.
    Try youtube and renovation blogs for info there is a wealth of information out there once you start searching.

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