Eating local

I just finished reading this post on Eating Locally by Cityhippyfarmgirl. The challenge is to eat locally one meal a month. I thought at first, “I can do that!” Then to think about it a bit more – how local is local? Even the local farm food boxes that I’m thinking of signing up for get food from a four hour (or more) drive away.

The first thing that came to mind is salad. Add in some local eggs, and it’s a complete meal. So perhaps I need to think beyond salad.

I am thinking a bit this year about how we eat and what we eat. I want to cut down on the amount of packaging that comes from our food, and that means rethinking the way that I currently shop. I shop for budget at the moment and with an impatient toddler, for speed as well.

So I’m looking into local food boxes that I can order online and either get delivered or pick up nearby. Perhaps those will work, although last time we got one delivered, they didn’t recycle the boxes, so we had cardboard boxes piling up until we could reuse no more and had to recycle them all. Finding one that reused the boxes themselves would be ideal.

More research and thinking is needed.

4 thoughts on “Eating local

  1. I’m really surprised that they don’t recycle/reuse the boxes. That’s sort of a standard in my area. You return your last box when you pick up your new box. Not only does it help the environment, it clearly saves money for the company! I hope you find a good one place to use!

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