World Nutella Day

I’m interrupting these lack of updates and slightly neglected blog (did you notice that I got halfway through a re-brand and then got distracted again?) for this important news – today is World Nutella Day.

If you have a jar of nutella in the house, better go grab a spoonful right now.

My preferred method of eating Nutella is in a Nutella Mug Cake (if you don’t have cocoa, you can use Milo. I found this out when I stopped buying cocoa so I’d stop making this cake). We don’t have mugs giant enough to fit one serving in, so we mix it in a bowl, split it between two mugs, and then add a bit of custard in the top.

(Nutella does use palm oil, although it has switched to sustainable palm oil. Aldi have a version of a hazlenut chocolate spread that is palm oil free. But you’re all big people and can make up your own minds.)

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