Some quiet thoughts

I’ve been quiet on here lately, thinking about posting, not quite getting there.

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic lately. The weather is getting a bit colder and I’m remember the holiday that we took to Canberra just over a year ago – the leaves were falling, it was cold at night but warm during the day which was perfect for taking walks and playing in parks, and our little baby took his first steps while we were down there. 

A year later that same little baby is fast changing from toddler into boy, helping us to find things when they are lost, insisting on wearing gloves to help me garden, and using his listening ears when we are outside. We listen and he tells me what sounds he can identify – siren, crow, kookaburra, motorbike, rubbish truck. This change from baby to toddler to boy is fascinating, how much he can communicate, how much he can remember and tell us. 

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