Luxurious Frugality

Since giving myself permission to spend money on the things that really do make me happy, and the mental space to remember exactly what that is, my relationship to stuff and to happiness has definitely changed for the better. My house is clearer, my bank account fuller, my heart a little more content and my mind a little more enriched. – Bec Shann from a guest post on Cityhippyfarmgirl

This is a blog post that I’ve been thinking about for a while now, the words Luxurious Frugality really clicked with me when I read Bec’s guest post.

It is how we are living our lives at the moment – a bit simply, a bit frugal, but knowing that this leaves our lifestyle open. We can survive on one income, I can stay home until our boy is ready to leave the security of his mumma, and I can spend days outside, visiting the duck pond, singing, dancing and trying to keep a toddler brain engaged. We do without some things that are no longer as important, and in return we get a lot more.

3 thoughts on “Luxurious Frugality

  1. Becs :: Think Big Live Simply

    I love what you said about it leaving your lifestyle open – this is so true and so important x

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