Behind the scenes

I’ve been making changes here – switching  some things around, changing others. If you read through an RSS reader, nothing will be different. I’ve decided to get back into the website updating swing of things, and learn how to properly blog in this age of social media, and not be blogging like it’s 1999 (a fitting reference since that’s probably when I first started). So fingers crossed, there’s going to be lots of more updates to come soon.

This weekend we’ve been to a park, and I’m washing fabric, hopefully to get some sewing done soon. I’ve had lots of ideas for a present for a friend’s first baby who is arriving soon, but now I have to make up my mind, decide and make something. I have gorgeous fabric waiting that I am confident will fit with the theme that my friend and her husband have picked out for their little one’s room. I’ll post a photo once I’ve given it to them and it’s no longer a surprise!

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