Bedtime to the tune of American Pie

When I have to do bedtime (my husband usually does it), I sometimes write poetry or haiku in my mind to stop noticing how much time I’ve been trapped in a dark room waiting for someone who hates sleep to fall asleep.

Tonight’s effort is set to the tune of American Pie. There are too many syllables in some lines.

A long long time ago
I can still remember when
How I used to get a lot of sleep

And I knew that if I had my chance
I would go to bed right now
And maybe I’d be rested for a while

But the children will not go to sleep
Even when I say enough now, not a peep
They squirm and want more books
In the dark they can’t see the looks

I can’t remember what we said
Two weeks ago while in the car
But now the child won’t go to bed
Because of what he says I said

And we were singing hands in the air,
rockabye your bear, bear is now asleep,
do the propeller around and around

And the old ladies at the shop say
These are the best days of your life
These are the best days of your life

And then they were finally asleep so I was free. I might have kept going except I found out that the song is eight minutes long and I was only one minute in, and that would be too long out of my post-bedtime freedom.

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