Reading the manual

I was raised in a household that didn’t read manuals or instructions. You figured stuff out by having intuitive engineering capabilities, pushing a lot of buttons, with screw drivers, by asking everyone else in the family for help, or if you ready to admit failure and that you couldn’t problem solve, then read the instructions. That’s the long way around of saying that I’ve never read the manual for my sewing machine.

Today it jammed up, and I thought I’d worked out the problem (turns out, I had) but I also googled my specific model to see if anyone else had the same problem and I found the manual online. I’ve been reading it and found out all kinds of interesting stuff, like what the little button on the back that I had no idea about was and that I had the needle tension and something else confused.

I might have to start reading manuals. Are you from a manual reading household?

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