Weekend reading – some fascinating blogs

Eat sleep freeze repeat – a story of a year as a doctor in Antarctica. Dr Hawker is spending a year at Casey Station in Antarctica. The blog starts last December when she boarded the ship to travel down, and details life on the base, including how they entertain themselves when the weather is too bad to go outside. It’s making our windy weekend weather look pretty tame when she talks about 100km/h winds in the snow.

Are we there yet – it hasn’t been updated for a while, but this is the story of the Fealy Family travelling around Australia in their campervan, ending up on an avocado and mango farm in tropical North Queensland. It’s worth a read if you’re after some adventure photos, or travelling with kids stories.

Pine Island Cranberry Farm – Ever wondered how cranberries are farmed? At the moment it’s planting time over at the Pine Island Cranberry Farm. My friend Stef writes this blog from her family’s farm in New Jersey.


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