How to get children to eat vegetables

In our garden at the moment we have two main crops happening (“We’re farmers!” but I think that’s a bit of an ambitious claim) – snow peas and strawberries. We have a few carrots growing and pull up a few a week “to see how they’re growing”.

Strawberries. Not my favourite. Intended for children.

The strawberries are growing well, better than last year – as you can see a little bit in the photo, the weeds are also growing well! I grow the strawberries under wire to keep the bush turkeys from digging the entire garden up, but that means it is hard to pull weeds out – better a messy garden than a destroyed one though.

The surprise hit of the growing season though is the snow peas. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprise because I planted these solely for myself, anticipating a delicious crop of snow peas just for me.

Evidence: delicious snow peas not intended for children.

So I should have not been surprised that these are the favourites. One child likes them when the peas inside are small, one likes them when the peas are larger. We divide them up equally, but there’s never enough that any make it inside. So there’s how to get children to eat vegetables – look forward to having some delicious food that you don’t have to share with anyone.

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