Growing food from kitchen scraps

I was browsing somewhere online recently where I came across an article that claimed that you could grow celery from using the bottom of a celery plant, even without roots. I’ve planted things before from the supermarket like spring onions that contained roots, and planted pineapple tops, but I was very sceptical that this would work.

It must have been an article similar to this one because this was the same method I used – put the celery bottoms in a container of water, leave it on the windowsill and then forget about it for a few days. I checked on it to see if it needed more water and to my surprise, there was new growth in the middle. This was old celery that had been in the fridge for a while before I used the last of it in vegetable stock so I was very surprised that anything had happened at all.

I stuck the bottom of a cos lettuce in next to the celery to see what would happen there and it has started growing too. It’s been a great experiment for us to see what will happen and I am wondering what will happen long term – is this just using up the last of the plant’s energy and this small growth will be it, or will it begin to grow roots and grow again?

I’ll update in a few weeks and let you know what happens!

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