Super hero line up


After seeing the Super Hero Felt Masks pattern from Willow + Stitch I decided that they’d make the perfect Christmas present for my super hero loving four year old. I went to Daiso and bought felt and elastic, and printed the pattern out at the library, and got to work. I made one IronMan first to see how they turned out, then realised I had enough felt for many many masks.

The solution – make many masks! My two year old loves to do everything that her brother does, so I probably need two sets of masks for them (although that might create yells of “Muuuuuuum, I wanted to be IronMan, not her”). Then the others will be held in reserve for Christmas/birthday presents for the little friends in our lives. Today I managed to complete most of the cutting out – I need some more black to finish off Hulk (I originally typed that as more bulk for Hulk which seems appropriate).

I’ve had also more ideas come – I have a lot of green leftover, so Ninja Turtle masks will be next (although just Raphael and Leonardo because I have red and blue but no purple or orange), along with a Wonder Woman crown. I’m planning on using the Tadah Comfy Crown pattern for the crown, so hopefully that works out and I get it all done soon! I have big plans for a handmade Christmas, but need to get sewing to make sure that I get it all done on time.

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