Spot the Station

I signed up recently to get an email from NASA every time the International Space Station is going to be visible overhead which I’d highly recommended because that gives you a chance to say, “I just got an email from NASA” in casual conversation.

You sign up through the Spot the Station website – find your closest mark on the map, click on it and it will display the next times you might see the station (depending on cloud cover) and there’s a “sign up for alerts” button.

If the sighting comes at a good time for us – somewhere between dinner and bed time – we try to go outside and watch out for the Space Station to pass us overhead. Last night was clear and cloudless, so we had a great view for the full viewing window. We also saw bats flying overhead which was just as exciting (for the little people, I found the Space Station more interesting but I’ve seen bats many times before).

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