A Lego mat

We are increasingly getting into Lego in this household. A few months ago I bought a mix of “Classic” bricks to go with our few other sets and since then there’s been a lot of building happening. Sorting through the box to find one particular part is becoming harder as more pieces are added, so I’d promised a while ago to make a Lego mat. That’s a mat that has a draw string running around the edge so it can be drawn up into a bag. The idea is that the mat can be spread out to make it easy for finding Lego pieces and building, and then there’s a super easy clean up process.

I’d seen this design on Make It Perfect years ago, probably even before I had children (I have a few of the skirt patterns) and managed to find it again. It took me a few tries to make it because I cut the first fabric too small somehow – never decide to wing it while sleep deprived) and so had to explain that we needed new fabric – Ninja Turtles out, Super Heroes in. When I finally sewed it I did manage to somehow get things out of balance so I had fabric bunching up when I’d made it back to the start of the circle, so I added in a pleat of fabric. With the overall brightness of the super hero fabric it isn’t too noticeable.

My original suggestion was to have a colourful super hero or something similar fabric as the outside of the bag, with a white or green on the inside – white to make it easy to find pieces, or green to pretend that it was grass. That however was rejected, with black for the outside (to make it cheaper I insisted on one colour for one side) and a super hero fabric for the middle. I’m not sure that we’re ever going to find the pieces easily, but I have one happy little customer. He can even use the drawstring himself and is very proud of his new bag.

And hopefully as a bonus all the Lego will stay safe inside the bag and not under our feet!

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