Nearly there

So we’re nearly there to Christmas and I’m at the stage where I’m giving up on all the stuff not done – didn’t get all my sewing projects finished, scaled back of presents needing to be bought, may not get any baking done, but we’ll get there.

My big accomplishment of the week (besides freelance work, a job interview and a job application) is cleaning our carpet in the lounge which makes the entire house look much better. I need to keep cleaning to get the rest of the house done, just in time for it to get messed up again over the Christmas weekend.

I do have an ambition to make a dairy free banoffee pie for dessert though, so I’ll see how that turns out – the dairy free life can be a sad one dessert wise.

I did manage to sew and finish some two more buckets hats – I’m getting better each time I do one, so fingers crossed the next one might not have any mistakes. Luckily I have forgiving children. I also made them some quick pencil cases for storing their crayons in and they were very impressed with those carried their “bags” around with them all day.

Now I need to finish off the last of their Christmas presents (Wonder Women dress up crowns) so I can wrap them up before I forget all about them!

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