Fraser Island – day four

Our last day on Fraser Island started early, when we woke up before 6am to the sounds of the television going and when we went out to see what was happening, there were two children in TV zombie mode already.

“How long have you been watching television for?” I asked.

“Dunno. Hours?”

Anyway, it was a long time to wait until the pool opened when you wake up ridiculously early and the pool doesn’t open until 7am. We were down there, towels in hand, waiting at the gate when it was unlocked.

We swam until we hoped the excess energy was used up, then tried to park the kids in front of the tv while we packed up the car, making trips from our two levels up apartment down to the car. We had a nice drive down the beach, with the section of beach from Dilli Village to Hook Point being the best we experienced on the island this trip.

The beach from where we were waiting for the barge.

Then it was on to the barge and headed for home. We all agreed that Lake McKenzie was our favourite place to visit.

What worked on our trip:

  • Snacks. So many snacks.
  • DVD players for long car rides.
  • Having togs/swimmers/bathers ready to go at all times, along with a bucket and spade for digging.
  • Staying at Eurong – although we will probably stay at Kingfisher Bay again one day, it was nice to not have a long car ride to the eastern beach. It might have been around the same distance to Lake McKenzie, but it was quicker to get everywhere else from Eurong.

What we would change for next time:

  • We want to try camping with the kids – in a fenced campground.

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