Fraser Island: Central Station

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0306.JPGWe set off for Lake McKenzie our second full day, and our first day as a full group with all friends there. Our first stop on the way was Central Station. This is one of my favourite places on the island, mostly because the way it smells brings back such happy memories of shaded days and barbecue lunches from when I was a child (and also a memory of a friend being chased by a dingo around the perimeter of the picnic area, but that one is more terrifying, really).

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0309.JPGCentral Station is an opportunity to learn about the island’s logging and forestry history. There’s still picnic areas, toilets blocks, and old machinery displayed. There used to be tram lines through the island to move the trees that were cut down (those tram lines now make up the Great Walk).

The boardwalk alongside Wangoolba Creek is shady and an easy walk. You can see the crystal clear water of the creek in the photo above.

The feedback from our friends that visited for the first time was that they were glad they went to see it once, but wouldn’t go back on a return trip. For me, a quick trip through is an essential part of a visit, to see the tall trees, smell the air and walk along the creek.

In our pre-kids days, we camped at the Central Station campground. It is fenced, with toilets, hot showers, and washing up sinks. There’s also picnic tables at the tent camping spots, and trailer camping spots available. When I feel up to being constantly coated with sand, we plan to do another camping trip here.

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