Fraser Island: Lake McKenzie

img_4038I should put a disclaimer here that I borrowed this photo of the dingo from a friend who had a great camera with an awesome zoom lens. This dingo strolled down the beach of Lake McKenzie, past people everywhere, while adults nervously eyed where their children were and everyone else rushed for cameras.

I was one of the adults looking to see where children where and hoping that mine were far enough out in the water and close enough to their dad to be safe. The dingo looked very relaxed and walked to the far end of the beach, where it sat and watched people in the water. After about five minutes of watching, it rushed at some children nearby and chased them into the water.

So – with that – take the dingo safety rules seriously. Keep your children close. Dingoes can be everywhere. Hopefully there aren’t any in the fenced areas, but I’d keep an eye on children just in case. The situation on K’Gari/Fraser Island is a lot better than it used to be without the dingo fencing and reporting situation that they have now, but you still need to be careful.

The colour of the water shows off the depth – quite shallow, waist deep, then too deep for me to touch in the dark blue.

As always, the water was crystal clear and look better when the sun is shining. It was over cast most of the day, which makes it less blindingly bright. The water was cold, after the recent rains, which made getting in a bit bracing but after the shock wore off, or nerve endings stopped feeling properly, whichever it was, it was lovely to swim in.

This photo from our new GroPro is just to show off our clear the water is! 

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