Apollo Bay

Our first stop along the Great Ocean Road was at Apollo Bay. My plan was to use our stop here to visit the Otways National Park, but we had picked up an illness, and needed a rest stop.

We stayed in a cabin at the Apollo Bay Pisces Big 4 Holiday Park. As was the theme of our trip it had an absolutely amazing playground. There was also a bike track and a heated swimming pool. I was hoping that we could hide the swimming pool from the kids because it was kind of cold but the deck of our cabin overlooked it, so no luck there.

This place was absolutely amazing and in retrospect I wish that we’d decided against the Warrnambol part of the trip and spent more time here instead.

The holiday park was great, the beach was great (although we were told that it was exceptionally calm while we were there) and it was a really relaxing place to spent a few days.

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