Apollo Bay to Warrnambool

Learning how to spell Warrnambool properly was an interesting part of planning this trip and now that it is a year later I find myself having to check again.

This part of our drive was the scenic Great Ocean Road part. Our first stop was Loch Ard Gorge where we walked down to the gorge, saw the beautiful scenery and had fun watching people carefully cropping everyone else out of their selfies to make it look like they were alone.

On our way back up, I piggy backed up our little one which took some effort, but we made it back up to the top. And on to our next stop, one that I was really looking forward to, the Gibson Steps. I’d done this trip ten years earlier with friends, but starting from Warrnambool and ending in Melbourne. We’d done it quickly on a weekend and not had time to do the Gibson Steps, so I’d had it on my list for this time.

The sign at the entrance warned us at the steps could be closed due to tides and wind conditions, but the weather was with us. It was warm, no wind and the tide was out. The down at the bottom was beautiful, it had a great view and I was so glad that we got to do that walk. There was a lot of steps, so we bribed the kids with a packet of mini chicken crimpies to get them through it. I think I deployed some lolly snakes too.

Next stop was the 12 Apostles which was another walk out to the viewing platform. It was crowded, and the kids were over all the walking, so we had a look, and then got an ice cream from the kiosk. Yes, bribery was an important part of this trip.

The weather had been warm and sunny in the morning, but turned cold and rainy as we were driving between the 12 Apostles and Warrnambool. We did one more stop somewhere pretty but it was very cold, so it was a very quick stop, and then we decided to stay in the car.

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