Warrnambool was our last stop on our trip. There was a heat wave while we were here, which was pretty unexpected. We enjoyed the playgrounds near the lake, did a nice walk out by the water, and also visited Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve where we were greeted by an emu, saw a wild koala (my first time ever seeing a wild one), and did a nice walk.

There were some beautiful spots around here, but if we were doing the trip again, I’d space out the first part a bit longer, and do the Twelve Apostles as a day trip from Apollo Bay. I think we just really enjoyed our time in Apollo Bay, and I would have liked to have seen Lorne more than a quick driving through it.

After Warrnambool, we did a road trip back to Melbourne, stayed a night in a cheap hotel at the airport which the kids thought was amazing because we had McDonalds for dinner and all slept in the one room. They said that our room was very fancy and had a great view of the hotel carpark.

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