Organic vegetable gardening – Annette McFarlane

I managed to spy Organic Vegetable Gardening by Annette McFarlane on the library shelves as I was chasing Little F through the place and added it to the books I was getting out.

It was a lucky find, I’m enjoying flicking through it. It has section on beginning gardening, plants for small spaces, what plants do best on pots (if you have a small courtyard or balcony) and lists out detailed interesting information on plants. I’m reading up on the moment on the plants that I have growing and actually learning things, which is nice. The book explains information in a way that makes sense to me and is enjoyable to read.

As usual when I flick through seed catalogue or gardening books, I’m convinced that my garden is too small and thinking of ways to expand. Herb garden in place of a patch of weedy lawn? Fruit trees in the front yard? Fruit trees around future cubby house plot? Move to acreage and have a giant garden (most appealing, not financially viable)?

So instead I’m back to flicking through a gardening book and dreaming.

One thought on “Organic vegetable gardening – Annette McFarlane

  1. I often dream of a bigger block too, but I am slowly learning that garden spaces are often under utilised. Books provide great inspiration for some creative ways to use space. I hope you realize your dreams in the space you have.

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