Dairy free choc chip cookie mug cake

Yes, I know, claiming to be a cookie in a mug. I finally converted my favourite choc chip cookie to be dairy free and delicious, and bought more chocolate to make another batch, when my husband announced that he is eating healthily to get fit. I guess I could eat all the cookies myself, but that didn’t seem that supportive. So rather than just eat the cooking chocolate out of the packet, I decided to look into the cookie in a mug thing.

Here’s the recipe that I found – I changed out the butter to oil, which also meant that I could skip the microwaving step, and used dairy free cooking chocolate instead of choc chips. It’s pretty good for a mug cake! Not as good as a normal cookie, and mine didn’t rise as much as theirs did in the photo (maybe they used a tiny mug) but overall very good for a mug cake.

5 thoughts on “Dairy free choc chip cookie mug cake

    1. I think it would – it might be slightly denser but that would make it more cookie like, and with the amount of sugar and chocolate used, it’s not going to taste bad!

    1. I’m envious, butter is what I can’t eat anymore. Although I’m slowly forgetting what real dairy tastes like, some things I substitute, then think hey this would taste amazing if it was actual dairy. That’s why I was so excited that my choc chip cookie recipe still tasted good! (I am aware that it’s easier than being coeliac though)

      1. Yeah coeliac is balls. But at least I can have cheese, ice cream etc. I think they are equally difficult, it just depends what food you like.
        Because of issues breastfeeding a reflux baby, I had to go off dairy and soy as well as gluten for a while. It was hard at first, but you get used to whatever you have to.

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