Fraser Island: Eli Creek

We did have plans this day to drive up to the Champagne Pools, then come back down the island, but a car sick child meant that we decided to stop at Eli Creek and declare ourselves done. Our group of friends split into two along who was sick of driving and wanted to settle for the day and who kept going.

Our little one perked right up as soon as she got into the water, so it was a good decision.

Getting to Eli Creek early meant that we got a pretty good spot along the water, although this trip the creek was doubled back (drone footage further down) and there was a deep water crossing to get through to get to the other side, so most of the hire cars decided to stay over the other side.

Drone footage of the first part of Eli Creek.
Drone footage of the turn around of Eli Creek.
This photo shows the water crossing where most cars were crossing over.
The first part of the creek from the ground. Nice and wide and shallow, great for children to play.

We had a fantastic day at Eli Creek, staying until after lunch time and only finally packing up when sunscreen had worn off and kids were getting tired. Even then the kids were happily playing in the sand at the side of the creek under our shade shelter, and I snuck off with a friend for one last (child free!) float down the creek.

We missed out of the Champagne Pools, but it was worthwhile for longer time at Eli Creek.

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