Fraser Island: The Maheno


We were leaving Eli Creek when I looked at the map and realised that we hadn’t done a visit to the Maheno. It is quite close to Eli Creek, and we wanted to check out The Cathedrals camping group for future trip research, so we headed up for a quick visit to the Maheno. We saw a dingo running up the beach. We saw the most dingoes on this trip than we have seen in recent years.


The old girl was looking a bit rough, and was so high up the beach that cars were driving on both sides.


However this did give us a view of her that we hadn’t been able to fully see before.


Floor tiles!


The old girl is not looking that strong. I also wonder how much of her is now buried under the sand.


She’s not the most inspiring site from the back view. This does make me want to dig up old family photos to see how much she has changed over the last thirty years.

We also had a look at the Cathedrals camping area. This is a private campground. It had powered sites, shady sites, showers, toilets and was fairly close to the beach although a bit of a walk. There was also an amazing little shop there that sold lots of items. We got ice blocks, as part of one ice block every day thing that we had going.



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