Hardings Paddock – Ipswich

It hasn’t rained here like usual this summer. Rainfall here can be variable, but we finished summer with a total of 30% of our average rainfall. Which is also a warning for these photos – the grass is brown and dry. It’s not picturesque. But that is our normal at the moment and will be until we get a decent rainfall.

Windmill at Harding's Paddock day use area

Those grey clouds in the background didn’t actually lead to any rain. Last time we camped at Harding’s Paddock it rained on and off the whole weekend. This time we went and rain clouds come over and we were hopeful, but no rain came.

It did mean that we could go out and explore a bit more though. We went over the day use area, went on a short walk, went on a longer walk, the kids rode their bikes all over the camp ground, and somehow it went from “Noooo why are we going back to that place” to telling everyone about the “best campsite ever”. I’m not sure about the best ever tag, but it does a lot of things going for it.


This is the view from the top of the campsite towards the camp kitchen. Each camp site (eight in total) has a picnic table. Caravans set up on the other side on the bitumen area, and tent campers were choosing either side to set up on – some picked the grassy side, others the grass next to the car park.


This is the communal area of the campsite – there’s a huge open area with a firepit, and the camp kitchen area.

The short walk that we went on was called the “Bush Tucker Walk” and had native plans with signs detailing what they were used for, and a yarning circle. The sandstone blocks had native animal carvings.


The downside to the campsite is the toilets. They’re drop toilets and kept reasonably clean but…. drop toilets in summer. They were still okay to use but I tried to be as quick as possible! It was great to get out camping and to go this site which is reasonably close to home. It makes a one night camping trip easy, and only costs $12 a site.

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